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کد محصول: h790

سال نشر: ۲۰۲۲

نام ناشر (پایگاه داده): الزویر

نام مجله:   Journal of Business Research

نوع مقاله: علمی پژوهشی (Research articles)

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مقاله انگلیسی ۲۰۲۲ :  رهبران زن تیم حسابرسی و تلاش حسابرسی

عنوان کامل انگلیسی:

Female audit team leaders and audit effort

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حسابرسی یک فرآیند جمعی است که توسط یک تیم حسابداری حرفه ای با طیف گسترده ای از مهارت ها و تجربیات انجام می شود. کار حسابرسی مستلزم نیروی کار زیادی می باشد، و تنوع تیم حسابرسی، به ویژه تنوع جنسیتی، هم اثرات حسابرسی و هم اثرات اقتصادی دارد. با این حال، تحقیقات تجربی اندکی در مورد نحوه انجام مشارکت های حسابرسی و نقش رهبران تیم حسابرسی (ATLها)، به ویژه ATLهای زن، در تلاش حسابرسی وجود دارد، زیرا آنها و سایر اعضای تیم حسابرسی عمدتاً در طول دوره برنامه ریزی،  استراتژی های حسابرسی را در عمل توسعه می دهند. مجموعه داده‌های اختصاصی به صورت دستی از شرکت‌های حسابرسی کوچک و متوسط اسپانیایی از سال ۲۰۰۱ تا ۲۰۱۵ جمع‌آوری شد. نتایج آنالیز پس از کنترل درون‌زایی، نشان داد که ATLهای زن و تیم‌های حسابرسی آنها در زمانی که پیچیدگی کار افزایش می‌یابد ، تلاش حسابرسی کارآمدتری دارند. علاوه بر این، یافته‌ها یک فرآیند مردینه سازی(بروز ویژگی های مردانه) توسط ATLهای زن را هنگامی که تجربه آنها افزایش می‌یابد نشان می‌دهد، که ممکن است به عنوان انگیزه درونی برای پیشرفت و ارتقاء در آینده تفسیر شود. آنالیز های اضافی همچنین تفاوت‌هایی را در رفتار ATLهای زن زمانی که دوره تصدی مؤسسه حسابرسی کوتاه‌تر و اندازه مؤسسه حسابرسی بزرگ‌تر باشد، نشان می‌دهد. به طور کلی، شواهد تجربی ما با این ایده که تنوع جنسیتی موجب بهبود کارایی حسابرسی می شود، مطابقت دارد. مطالعه ما به درخواست‌های قانون گذاران برای در نظر گرفتن ویژگی‌های تیم حسابرسی به عنوان یک عامل موثر بر کیفیت شیوه‌های کیفیت حسابرسی پاسخ می‌دهد.

کلمات کلیدی: تنوع جنسیتی، رهبران زن تیم حسابرسی، تلاش حسابرسی، موسسات حسابرسی کوچک و متوسط


Auditing is a collective process conducted by a professional accounting team with a wide range of skills and experience. Audit work is labor-intensive, and audit team diversity, particularly gender diversity, is considered to have both auditing and economic effects. However, there is scant empirical research on the way that audit engagements are conducted and the role of audit team leaders (ATLs), specifically female ATLs, in the audit effort, because they and other audit team members mainly develop audit strategies in practice during the planification period. A hand-collected private data set was gathered from Spanish small and medium-sized audit firms from 2001 to 2015. After controlling for endogeneity, the analysis shows a more efficient audit effort by female ATLs and their audit teams when task complexity increases. Furthermore, the findings show a masculinization process by female ATLs when their experience rises, which may be interpreted as intrinsic motivation for future promotions. Additional analyses also reveal differences in female ATLs’ behavior when there are shorter audit firm tenures and larger audit firm sizes. Overall, our empirical evidence is in line with the idea that gender diversity is positive for audit efficiency. Our study responds to calls from regulators to consider audit team attributes as a relevant factor in the quality of audit quality practices.

Keywords: Gender diversity, Female audit team leaders, Audit effort, Small and medium-sized audit firms


 Auditing is a collective process conducted by a professional accounting team with a range of skills, experience, and emotions (Amyar, Hidayah, Lowe & Woods, 2019). Audit assignations are complex tasks (Chung & Monroe, 2001) that require the processing of huge amounts of information to reach a judgment on which to base decisions. Despite the importance of auditing, there is still scarce literature describing auditing fieldwork practice, namely how audit engagements are conducted. Strategies are developed by audit team leaders and the other team members (Amyar et al., 2019), but the lack of research on this topic may be due to the hidden nature of much audit work…

۶.Discussion and conclusions

 Although gender diversity within the audit market has already been examined, there is scarce evidence of the impact of gender, particularly female audit team leaders (ATLs), inside the audit team. This lack of evidence is probably due to the difficult access to private and internal data from auditors and audits.

The link between audit effort and ATL gender is analyzed. After controlling for endogeneity concerns and several characteristics such as client size and audit risk, the analysis shows that female ATLs are associated with cheaper audits, aiming at maximizing profit or helping audit partners perpetuate their dominance. Female ATLs are often assigned to clients with supposedly weaker internal mechanisms, difficulties to obtain information, and potentially more errors and irregularities, in line with the selectivity hypothesis (Chung & Monroe, 2001). Nonetheless, our results suggest that the audit teams led by women are more efficient than those managed by men, employing fewer audit hours per audit engagement. This outcome is in line with those reported by other authors who suggest that women possess better management and monitoring skills (Adams & Ferreira, 2009; Kim & Starks, 2016) and perform better during planning (Chung & Monroe, 2001). Further analysis shows a masculinization process of experienced female ATLs to adapt to a masculine work environment. In fact, experience in auditing leads women to avoid being influenced by their own self-stereotyping. Additionally, there are differences in female ATLs’ effort regarding audit firms’ tenure and size. Shorter audit firm tenures are likely to lead to fewer audit adjustments and thus more discretionary actions, which may denote the exertion of less audit effort. In contrast, larger audit firms are more independent and have more effective control quality systems, triggering less audit effort. These findings are in line with resource dependency theory and the benefits of public scrutiny.

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